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Accounting and Reporting

Our professional accounting and reporting services empower you to clearly track business performance, and if necessary, tighten and adjust financial controls.

Bookkeeping Services

Many small businesses attempt to “do their own bookkeeping,” because it seems cost effective. However, our ongoing experience is that hiring a professional bookkeeper can be a tremendously positive investment that, in time, pays for itself – and then some. Furthermore, having a professional bookkeeper capably and efficiently handle the paperwork lets you focus on what’s really important: leading and growing your small business!

Business Performance Reviews

The success and growth of your small business depends on your ability to evaluate performance on a regular basis, and make necessary changes today that lead to positive results tomorrow and into your profitable future.

Business Structure Advice

The structure of your small business significantly influences your tax picture, and it’s in your best interest to choose a structure that efficiently minimises your tax burden, while maximising your business value and growth potential.

Financial Planning

As the old adage advises, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” And this is true for small businesses as much as large ones. In fact, it’s arguably more critical for small businesses, since errors in financial planning can lead to serious unwanted consequences much sooner.

MYOB Training

Our MYOB training is the easy, affordable and powerful answer you need to reduce stress, increase control, and empower your small business to succeed!


Meeting your small business tax obligations can be time confusing and potentially costly – unless you have the right help! At AFSB, we give your small business the help it needs today and tomorrow. Our service and advice ensures that you completely meet your tax obligations, while minimising costs and enjoying the “peace of mind” that you want.

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