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Accounting and Reporting

When people think of accounting they often think of purely the tax side of the equation - completing and lodging returns to the ATO and other agencies to make sure that they stay on the right side of the regulatory fence.

Yes, it is important to make sure that your BASs are lodged on time, as are your tax returns, FBT returns and the whole box and dice that go with running a business. 

But working with your accountant doesn't have to be simply a process of ticking things off your "To Do" list. We believe in doing things a little differently.

Supporting You In Understanding Your Accounts

What would it be like for you and your business if you had someone regularly sit down and talking you through all your figures? Supporting you to understand what each area of your balance sheet means, and exploring how you can improve your cashflow and your profits?

What if each return was also an opportunity to demystify your finances - to build your confidence and competence in knowing exactly what is working for your business, and where you need to focus your attention?

What if you could run reports with ease, and be able to use the reports to inform your day-to-day decision making? If you were playing football, and spent all your time chasing the ball and never looked at the score board, how would you know if you were winning? Imagine all the lost opportunities if you only looked at the score every 12 months.

That's what we offer our small business accounting clients.

Rather than a one-way "give us your information and we will lodge your returns for you" approach, we believe in a two-way discussion. After all, it is your business.

We help you learn how to use the information you gather for the government to support you in making better decisions for your business.

No matter if you are relatively new in business, going through a growth phase or are well-established, we act as a trusted advisor and mentor to guide you through each stage of your business growth cycle. But we do it in a way that gives you back control and supports you for the future.

Supporting you and your business through:

  • Financial statements & Year End Accounts
  • FBT Returns
  • Tax Returns
  • BAS Statements
  • Instalment Activity Statements
  • Maintaining your company registers
  • Registering companies & providing trust deeds
  • Budgeting & cashflow preparation
  • Selecting, installing & learning accounting software
  • Business Purchase Reviews
  • Debt review & restructuring

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